Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ryan asked for some pictures

Thirteen year old, Ryan G. sent a message after going through out 300 movie curriculum. He asked to see more about the types of weapons the Spartans used at the Battle of Thermopylae. Here you go. All these images are from Wikipedia Commons, and Historybusters thanks them for the use.

A map of the city states involved in the Greco-Persian Wars

A Corinthian helmet
The skull of the warrior was actually found inside

A picture of a Greek Phalanx

Bronze swords from the period

Urns depicting Greek Hopilite Warriors

Greek hopilite armour

Corinthian Helmet

There you go Ryan...hope it helps
If anyone else has found great images about either the Persians or the Spartans, please let us know in a comment
P. S.
Here are a few excellent websites that feature Thermopylae

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