Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Answer to today's Twiddle

What is the location of the northernmost golf tournament in the world?

Mount Dundas, which overlooks the polar ice cap, three glaciers, and Thule Air Base in Greenland, is the location of the Annual Mount Dundas Open, the world’s northernmost golf tournament.

Participants meet at the bottom of Mount Dundas, toss their golf clubs and other equipment onto helicopters, and then race 800 feet up the loose shale mountainside in order to reach Dundas’s rock filled golf course. The final 75 feet of the race features a rope climb up shear rock.

All participants are allowed extra golf balls to compensate for any that might fly off the mountain.

Here are a couple fun links written by those who have played on the course, as well as a few links about life on Thule Air Base:




Where is Thule? http://depts.washington.edu/icylands/projects/thule/maps/thulemap.php

Photo source: http://www.afweather.af.mil/news/story_media.asp?id=123031433

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