Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Again I have been reminded why Historybusters exists

Just yesterday I was helping a new student with his History and English assignments. A young Freshman who knew nothing about the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, or the Reformation. In the back of my mind, I couldn't help but think, if only he had seen the film Luther, he would have a concept about the Reformation. The film Kingdom of Heaven would have given him a background for the Dark Ages. Any one of the many movies about Henry VIII would have explained the break with the Church of England. He could have a broad spectrum of images and ideas to build on if only someone had taken the time to introduce them to him through film. As it is, he has one school year to learn a tidal wave of information from a dry old history book. No wonder he finds history boring. Too many facts to memorise and nothing exciting to tie the facts to.

Please don't let this happen to your kids, make a point of showing them quality historical films from a young age. Make a point of showing them maps, pictures, and timelines. Don't force them to start history class without a basic understanding of history to build upon.

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