Thursday, September 4, 2008

Answer to Pamela's question

Pamela C. has asked me a question. She has a fifteen year old boy and wanted to view some samples of the video downloads.

Pamela, not all of the movies I recommend can be downloaded, but all are available in DVD or VHS format. It depends on the movies. I have put together a widget of films that can be downloaded. If you click on an image, it will take you to the site and let you see a sample. I have also provided a link to's Frontline. You can view any of the episodes for free at any time. I hope that gives you the samples you need. I've tried to select a few things that I think might interest a fifteen year old.

Here you go:

Turtles Can Fly: Too few films capture war from the point of view of the children who endure it--perhaps because it's awful to contemplate. But Turtles Can Fly manages to be both heartbreaking and galvanizing in its depiction of young Iraqis waiting for the U.S. Army to roll over their village on the border of Turkey. Since the U.S. has linked its fate with that troubled country, learning a little about the Iraqi people would be good for everyone involved; fortunately, Turtles Can Fly is more than just an educational opportunity. Rich humor helps balance the harrowing circumstances, making the movie a riveting experience. It is subtitled and family friendly with some mature content. Once you get to the site, look to the left for the link to the video download.
First Churchills: Here are the first two episodes, takes you back to the world and politics of 16th Century Britain
Battlefield Britain: Here are the first two episodes, features kid friendly documentaries about major British battles
In Search of the Trojan War: Here are the first two episodes, this documentary features ancient classical history
Enemy at the Gate: A film that takes you into the world of Stalingrad during WWII. It is an excellent movie to introduce the harshness of Stalin’s regime. It contains mature content, so be aware.
Flags of Our Fathers: A film that takes you to the Battle of Iwo Jima during WWII. It contains mature content, so be aware.
Auschwitz: Very nice documentary series about Auschwitz, this link is to the episode entitle escape from Auschwitz

Here is the link to Frontline:

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