Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In honor of the Cambodian Killing Fields and their survivors

The Killing Fields tells the true story of New York Times reporter Sidney Schanberg and his Cambodian assistant Dith Pran, who was left to the mercy of the Khmer Rouge after Schanberg was evacuated. Filmmaker Roland Joffé, previously a documentary producer, made his feature film debut with this account of Dith's survival in the ensuing madness of the Khmer Rouge's genocidal campaign. This film has violent and mature content. Click here to preview a video download of The Killing Fields

Swimming To Cambodia: Humorist Spalding Gray sits behind a desk throughout the entire film, recounting his exploits and chance encounters while playing a minor role in the film 'The Killing Fields'. While making us laugh, Gray manages to give one of the clearest explanations of the events leading up to the Cambodian killing fields that I’ve ever viewed on film, allowing his audience to understand why such an atrocity happened. This film has mature content.

The Flute Player is a profound one-hour documentary about the life and work of Cambodian genocide survivor Arn Chorn-Pond. Arn was just a boy when Cambodia's Khmer Rouge military regime took power in 1975. For four long years, Arn followed the strict orders of the Khmer Rouge — doing whatever it took to save his own life amidst torture, murder, starvation and brainwashing. While imprisoned in a labor camp, Arn participated in the execution of others in order to survive, and he played propaganda songs on his flute for his captors' entertainment. At fourteen, Arn was forced by the Khmer Rouge to fight against the Vietnamese when they invaded Cambodia in 1979. After seeing his friends killed on the front lines, he escaped to the jungle, eventually finding his way to a Thai refugee camp. Two years later, an American refugee worker adopted Arn and brought him to the United States. Today at the age of 38, Arn has taken his very tragic past and turned it into something inspirational. A true must see for anyone wanting to understand the impact of the Cambodian Killing Fields on the future, this documentary is family friendly. Click here for a complete study guide for grades 9-12.

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