Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Answer to a question about the AP History Exam

Tandy C. sent me a great question about AP tests for home schoolers, and I want to post it and our answer.

Her question:

I'm intrigued with your well-researched list of films and the opportunity that this provides for families wishing to do AP History at home without having to go through a virtual charter school. Question: When student are through going through this Kaplan program, how do they go about registering to take the AP History exam and get credit for it as other "regular" students?

Our answer:

Homeschooled students can still take the exams by arranging to test at a participating school.

§ Call
AP Services no later than March 1 to get the names and telephone numbers of local AP Coordinators. Prepare a list of the exams you plan to take prior to calling so that the appropriate Coordinators can be identified

§ Contact the AP Coordinators identified by AP Services no later than March 15.

When calling Coordinators to arrange testing, make sure to tell them:

§ You are trying to locate a school willing to administer exams to homeschooled students or students from schools that do not offer AP.

§ You will use a different school code so your exam grade(s) will be reported separately from the school at which you test. (Homeschooled students will use the state homeschool code provided by the Coordinator on the day of the exam; students attending schools will use their school code.)

§ The exams you plan to take.

Once you locate a school willing to administer the exams, that school's AP Coordinator is responsible for ordering your exam materials, telling you when and where to appear for the exams, and collecting your fees, which he or she may negotiate to recover additional proctoring or administration costs. That school must administer the exams for you; it cannot forward them to you or your school for handling.

Hope that helps.

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